Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Girl Is Kindergarten Bound

Julia girl starts Kindergarten, a day late nonetheless.  She wasn't able to start today because she was brought down by a nasty little bout of Impetigo.  Poor little girl had a rotten couple days.  This morning after we dropped the big 2nd grader off, we came home, had our breakfast and sat outside on the deck.  I love being this girls mom.  I love the time that we share together and am going to miss her really bad during the days.  She is so excited for Kindergarten, doesn't know a soul in her class except her teacher but she told me today that she has to go be a big girl and she won't be staying home with me anymore!  Off ya go little girl.  You are going to be great at Kindergarten and all that you do.  Love you so much. 

Henry rolled out of bed ready to go this morning.  His pictures always suit his personality so well. 

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Grandma Peggy said...

Does my girl get a picture with the chalk board?