Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riding Proud

This guy loves to throw out a million excuses for things he doesn't want to do.  Secretly though, he really wants to do them.  He is afraid of a lot still, working on getting that confidence down, his way of being afraid is to complain about it.  It gets old but it is getting better.     

We ran through those million excuses in the last couple weeks about taking off the training wheels.  The neighbor kids both have been riding with theirs off and we thought it would be a great time for Henry to learn too.  Grandma came and bought him a helmet with the promise that he would give it a really good try.  He started out in the grass (for padding purposes of course) complaining while I gripped the back of his seat.  I sneakily let him go while he was mid complaint and off he went.  About 15 feet before he realized that I let him go, he said "why'd you let go?"  I said "Who cares! You did it!"  And then it was easy breezy from there on out.  He even told his sister, "It just takes a little patience and practice Julia!"  Ha.  This week he has been getting on that bike first thing in the morning and after he gets home.  He loves it.

Sure, he is 7 years old and maybe should have been riding without training wheels 2 years ago.  Whether he learned at 5 or 7, I don't think there is anything he's done that I have been more proud of.  My heart just swelled with happiness.  I saw something that just lit up in his eyes, that confidence that he learned something and could do it!  Way to go Henry. 

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

lynn bowes said...

Oh KB, he has changed so much! Look at that boy-face! Baby is going away and boy is taking its place, I swear. Long and leggy, lean and strong. Wow.

Grandma Peggy said...

Grandma tried before Mom, but as always Mom had the right touch. As Kaitlyn was watching Henry, I was watching my little girl,as her face lit up with pride she for her son and his accomplishment. As a parent those moments will be embedded in our hearts forever. It was smiles all the way around.

Grandma Peggy said...

Grandma tried first but as always Mom had the right touch. As Kaitlyn was watching her son with pride, this Mom was watching her little girl in the same way. The smile on Kaitlyn's face was one that we as parents have when our children accomplish the hurdles in life. They are forever embedded in our hearts. Way to go Henry.