Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy 2 Grahambo!

Every year, every week, every day is a milestone with this kid!  I am so happy to be where we are finally!  He's had a much better year than year one.  So 1 out of 2 is not too bad!  It can only get better from here!  

Graham:  You are one little spit fire of a dude.  It's been happier times for you this year as you have 1)learned how to walk at about 14 months, 2) increased your vocabulary 3) are able to understand the importance of being outside and having fresh air 4)got in all of your teeth and 5)understand what "go play" means 6)are finally okay with being under the care of someone else, hello date nights!

Your first words were: baby (blankie/paci), cookie, mama, daddy, hennie, puppy, ranma (grandma)

Your words now have increased ten fold in the last month.  You are saying things like mowing truck, airplane, no no all done, done done done.  There are quite a few garbled sentences that are hard to decipher but you are trying.  

You make everyone laugh with the things you say or attempt to say, you scream and get so excited when Daddy pulls in the driveway, you still won't ride in a stroller for more than 2 minutes, you love to color, want to use scissors so badly and the glue stick is always a favorite thing to play with.  

You will hardly look at the camera when I want to take pictures of you.  You are a busy guy, always always on the move.  There have been more snuggles though this year and that makes me happy.  

You are in love with your baby and baby.  Baby is interchangeable and means blankie or paci.  They are both baby and you don't like to leave sight of them for very long. 

You love to give kisses and would even probably kiss a stranger if I told you to.  Your kisses are mostly opened mouthed but they are free.  You give great hugs, really awesome great hugs.  

Happy Birthday little buddy.  I am so glad you are here and so glad you are mine.   

Love, Mommy

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