Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Doldrums

I had the urge to write again which is something that I wish would come upon me more often.  To be honest I keep myself so busy and occupied that I rarely let my mind wander into the writing and critical thinking state anymore.  BIG SAD FACE.  I don't really like it but that is my life.  Three kids with all sorts of requests, always trying to come up with something to put on the table at dinner and always feeling guilty for serving the same thing, Erin and I talking about what we saw on the internets or what happened at work during the day, pumping a little bit of time into Owl People and then I am about bushed.  Ready for bed, ready to take on the next day.  Life feels mundane and sometimes depressing to me in the winter.  It drives me crazy that my kids sit in the living room ALL the time during the winter.   No one is running in and out of the house, down the street, in the backyard.  Sedentary to me just is depressing.  I am horrible at relaxing and being lazy. 

I flipped up the goals that I set for 2015 and I somewhat attained them.  

Owl People:  Got my 3 new products out and they were all a success!  I did a horrible job of record keeping and the verdict is out on sales being better than in 2014.  If I were a better book keeper I'd know that off the top of my head probably. 

Family: Yell less...well I yell less but I still like to use a stern voice even though it isn't yelling but my kids still think I am yelling. 
Henry:  I have failed him again.  :(  This makes me the saddest.
Julia: I didn't get Julia sewing this year as independently as I wanted. 
Graham:  Graham and I had a lot of bonding and walks and I can keep him in the stroller for close to an hour with little breaks at the parks.

Erin: Yeah, I'd say we had more date nights and a kick ass get away over the summer.


Kitchen:  Paint/Stain cabinets.  Backsplash.  Sink.  Microwave.

Our Bathroom:  Light fixture.  Flooring.  Vanity. 

PERSONAL:  Still suck at being on my phone all the time. 

Quilt:  Goals for 2016 right?  I didn't get her done but dangit, this is the year.  

I feel like 2015 was definitely more fulfilling than what my list looks like.  We grew in our relationships with family and friends.

I gained a new cute little nephew and sure do love that squishy little guy.  

We made really good friends with our neighbors.  Our kids play very frequently that we almost didn't use the inside of our house at all because we were out in the driveway eating, throwing stuffed animals and drinking beer.  We did a good job of having "driveway parties" and everyone came equipped with beer and a lawn chair.  Summer needs to come back!  Our neighbor Pat is a retired teacher and whipped the kids back into shape with some school time up in her "schoolhouse" above her shed.   

Every year I feel more and more fulfilled about the friendships we are making at school/church with the kids' parents.  It's fun to watch the kids grow and have a complaint board about what is going on or not going on.  

I joined into a bible study this year (my first ever) and it was so nice.  Prayer is one thing that some days is hard for me to squeeze in and I absolutely hate that fact.  I made it to every Friday morning mass and discussion.  Graham also cried every Friday when I left him off with the daycare.  I hope that this can continue to be a priority in my life because it really feels good in the hurry and scurry of life to be focused.

A few friends and I put together a giant "artisan market" this year called Love, The Locals.  We started planning in August and had the event in December.  Despite the pouring down rain, we had over 1500 people in and out the doors and most of our artists went away selling most of what they brought.  It was a highly successful event that we hope to keep up through the years.   

We have plenty to be thankful for this year.  Another year of health and wellness and another year of just being alive!

I'll work on my 2016 goals next time! 

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Sarah M said...

Good for you!! I'm finding that these years are so hard to get to even half my list, but half the list done, or even 1/3 done is better than 0 done! I heard about Love the Locals--1600 people is amazing and everyone selling most of their stuff is even better. Congrats, you earned it. Also-for getting the kids rolling around in the winter (ugh, here it kinda' sucks because it's always raining, and there's really only so many puddles to jump in before it looses its appeal) we recently took out a spare mattress and let the kids jump and tumble around on it for HOURS. It worked really well, and they want to do it again. They were sweaty by teh end of it. Maybe that would be an idea to get your kids' energy out? My kids are nightmares if they don't burn some of it off.
Merry Christmas to you guys!! xo
Sarah M