Friday, April 7, 2017

What? I time traveled to 2017.

Spring, I guess it's a new fresh start.  Fresh new green grass, fresh blooms, fresh attempts at new things.  I read and re-read this blog and it's kind of weird how just normal and regular I still am since I started it.  I guess that is fine, sometimes it bothers me that I don't jump out of my normal realm of Kaitlyn.  That would now include jumping out of my normal routine to write this here blog post.  And you know what, it's kind of crazy how weird it is to actually WRITE.  I've been caught in the trap of scroll scroll scroll, read read read but not enough write write write.  Makes for a dull brain. 

I guess for the sake of subject material rather than blabbing on about all that stuff up there, I will write this post about our Bright Life as it is on this April 7th, 2017.

We are weary all of us.  It has been a long week filled with lots of homework, traveling, fun, scary times and love.  Last week we headed out to Colorado for a ski trip to Pagosa where Erin's folks live.  The kids got their ski legs on and we had a great time on the slopes.  Fast forward a few days and we found ourselves in the hospital where Erin had an apparent bowel obstruction.  It kind of knocked the wind out of all of us.  Him probably most but we were thankful that surgery didn't have to be preformed and we were on the road back on just one day late.

In the midst of all of this, the kids who are just in 4th and 2nd grade had so much g-dang homework to catch up on it almost made me sick to my stomach.  I can't believe how much they either do in school or how much they are being punished for missing school.  Yuck, I am ready for them to have a summer and be free.

Cookie the dog is in heat and it's gross. I guess I didn't know that it could happen to pups as early as 9months old.  Good thing it's nice out and we can just leave her outside.  Hopefully she doesn't tear the yard apart. 

We are looking forward to a weekend with not much to do, sunshine and FRESHness.  I might even dye some fabric this weekend that has been on my to do list for ever and ever.  

AND...I part with pictures that made me laugh this week. 

Also, blogger is so old school it's pretty awesome.  

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