Sunday, June 1, 2008

Henry's Party Pics

Well well, I finally got around to posting some pictures from Henry's birthday party. Sorry for this disarranged look. I just threw them up there and some were big and some were not. I think you can click on all of the pictures to make them full screen. Anywho...good party, good friends, good host, food gave me the case of the bad stomach but other than that it was a pretty successful party. Needless to say, Henry slept really well that night after all was said and done. He didn't really get into the cake too much. He liked Grandma's homemade ice cream the best. My kind of guy! Enjoy the pics!

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Grandma Peg said...

Henry you were surrounded by so much love on your 1st Birthday party, your Grandpa and I were proud to be a part of the day. What a little gentleman you were letting the other children unwrap your gifts and what a handsome little man in your tie. The girls went wild over you!!!!