Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today I woke at 5am to feed Julia
Today I did not take a shower
Today I picked up a crying Henry off the floor when he fell off his chair
Today I cleaned up two blowouts
Today I took Henry and Juila to the candy store
Today I took a long nap with Henry
Today I thought about going upstairs to start sewing Crystal's baby bedding
Today I am glad that I took the nap with Henry
Today I made a delicious meal in the crock pot
Today I officially lost my garage door opener. Thanks Erin for getting me a new one
Today I talked to my Dad and Brother on the phone
Today I played puzzles and checkers with Henry
Today I made my baby girl laugh
Today I thought about how lucky I am to have healthy children
Today I gave both my babies a bath
Today I cried when I was watching a PBS documentary about old people singing
Today I told Henry to stop saying "I want something" about 5 million times
Today I licked beater batter
Today I made yummy cookies
Today I am glad I did this blog post. It was sort of fun.

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Mom said...

Today, and always I'm proud of the wonderful loving daughter you are. Grandma Dorothy would be just as proud too.

Love You