Sunday, June 19, 2011

An A-Town Kind of Weekend...

We did it, something we weren't sure was going to happen, we made it back to Alliance.  All 7 of us.  With my Dad's health, we take things as they come and with an appointment on Friday that left us all deflated, we took the bull by the horns and decided on the 5 hour road trip to Alliance.  Thanks to Adam and Joey, they were able to bring us back for a reason to not only celebrate their marriage but to celebrate the deep bond of our family roots.  

It all began on the beautiful Scenic Bi-Way called Highway 2.  If you have never taken this route before, it is breath taking.  Gorgeous flowing hills of green grass.   Erin compared it to a Scotland golf course or something.

Papa Larry taking it all in.   

No trip to Alliance would be complete without a stop at the NOAA weather station where my Dad started his career. 

 And of course, the old house at 1222 Potash Ave. where memories were made and joy was had for two little lucky kids.  Owl People dwelled here, many of time capsules were buried, best friends were made and families were carefree. 

Off to the wedding, Henry having his first pop EVER.  He loved it. 

 Our Family of 4. 

Adam and Joey.  Beautiful country wedding.  It really couldn't have been much prettier.  Adam and my brother Damon were best friends growing up. 

A Perfect Red Barn... 

 No wedding complete without a Bluegrass Band...

And my first BFF Amanda catching the bouquet.  Old friends never fade and I love the fact that she is just like she was when she was Manda to me. 

A carefree weekend spent without having to think what cancer does to our lives, enjoying good friends and each other and the fact that we can still have a great time together.  Happy Father's Day to my Dad who started me off right 30 years ago and to my Husband who is a devoted Daddy instilling great values upon our children. 

3 tidbits of your thoughts:

Mom said...

What an awesome tribute to our lives together, and to the love of family.
Thanks Kaitlyn for gift of words and love.

Linda said...

Kaitlyn, your "Bright Life in Nebraska always touches my heart. You have such a gift to express what is in your heart and a true talent for capturing it in photos. Love to all.

Damon said...

Nice job, good photos as well, damon.