Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whew, Hope August is Better

July.  What a whirlwind.  As most of my readers know, my Dad passed away on July 25th from a 3.5 almost 4 year journey with Stage IV colon cancer.  It is hard what to know what to write on here.  I have already spent time writing in my "death journal" and it is hard to know what to share with others or keep private.  There are no secrets, just some things are meant to be kept special and some are not.  I had a very loving and deep connection with my Dad and I will continue to love him until we meet under God's accord some other day.  

I didn't feel like I could properly move on with my blog until I at least mentioned it.  I am back in the swing of things I guess.  The church gals have been bringing me food all week.  I am very thankful for that.  I am back doing things that I enjoy with my kids.  We went swimming, rode the train at the zoo and had a picnic today.  We are eating dinner again as a family, praying, reading books, running through sprinklers and enjoying living as we know Papa Larry would want us to. 

I look to the sky a lot lately.  Not only because my Dad was a meterologist and I think that he might have something to do with weather in heaven but I find the clouds and colors so peaceful and full of wonder and beauty.  My eyes have been opened more to God's creations and I hope that I can continue to appreciate that. 

And lastly...because no entry is complete without a picture...or 4.

Grandma and Julia

Sun setting on the evening of Dad's Funeral.

Here's to you Dad. 

Damon and Mom and that beautiful sun setting sky. 

4 tidbits of your thoughts:

refibered said...

Beautiful post Kaitlyn,, both the pictures and the prose.

Mom said...

You will continue to live on in your Dad by your writings,and your love of family. The pictures are breathtaking, and to be cherished.

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughts of your dad and love of your family, Kaitlyn. Your dad will always live on in you, always smile down upon you. Love you, Honey.

Aunt Muriel said...

Kaitlyn, you and your posting have touched my heart along with so many others. I treasure you all.