Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Football C-R-A-Y-Z-E-E-E

Wow, I really think I am raising a couple of little boys.  Football crazy boys, well I guess a little girl and boy who both want to be Huskers when they grow up.  These two have been at it constantly with playing football for the last week.  Henry has two football costumes, Huskers and Broncos.  Julia wears the Husker pants because he doesn't like the pads in them, Henry wears the Husker jersey because he wants to be a Nebraska player when he grows up he says.  (Pssst...doesn't he know how tough you have to be and he is well, not that tough.  Don't tell him I told you that)  Anyway, it has been quite amusing and I love seeing them play so nicely together, tackles, fumbles and all. 


Oh, and on a side note, as if all of the football action in our house wasn't enough...we went to a State High School football game and the Nebraska Quarterback, Taylor Martinez was walking out of the weight room.  He was nice enough to take a crappy picture with us.  The kids were obviously a little star struck.  

4 tidbits of your thoughts:

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

Go Huskers!

Leslie A said...

What? No K-State fans? I love Julia's mismatched purple gloves though! A little homage to her daddy's alma mater? Cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

This was super fun to see and read. Cute kids, clever Mom. Love the Martinez shot as well.

Grandma Peggy said...

Does this mean that Julia doesn't play with the "little pink tutu"? All kidding aside, I do adore both of them, and what great team mates now and where ever life takes them.
I personally got to see them in their "wrestle mania" mode. Julia is one tough little nut! Love you both.