Monday, November 5, 2012

Me and Mom

Thanks Aunt Deb for the most awesome photo of me and my Mom.  I just love this picture so much.  We have been through a lot just me and my Mom.  I am thinking of Mercer Mayer's books and how that little critter is always causing trouble or making messes of things.  I know I have caused my mom a series of messes or strife in her life but to me, the times we have spent building our relationship as mother and daughter have far surpassed the "troubles" I have caused her.  She is my best friend and I love having every chance to hang out with her.  I have watched her grow this year without a husband and start to do things on her own that most people wouldn't even do if they still had a spouse.  She goes out with friends, she is taking a dance class with people she hardly knows, she puts on a brave face even when she doesn't want to at all. I am so proud of my Mom for all that she is and that she is becoming and so glad that she is my best friend.   

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Mom said...

I love you back Kaitlyn more than I can say. Your precious in my eyes.
P.S. We're not such bad lookers are we?