Monday, December 10, 2012

Get The Craft Out-#5th Edition

Well, another Get The Craft Out has been put to bed.  This year was probably the most epic of all the GTCO's so far.  We had 20 girls in attendance from the most experienced crafter to the least experienced crafter!  What is most awesome to me about this event is that everyone seems to have fun, let loose, meet others and craft on.

I can't say enough nice things about the Rogers House Bed and Breakfast.  Nora, the owner, really stepped it up for me this year and I am so very appreciative.  We moved to a bigger house this year to accomodate more gals and the staff at Rogers House really went to town moving tables, moving beds and just generally being gracious hosts.  

Swag for all!  We had some great great companies donate their services and products to the girls this year.  I had donations from October Afternoon, Pick Your Plum, Fat Quarter Shop, Pink Chalk Studio and Porridge Papers.  The girls all left with some awesome things I have to say! 

Such a fun place to decorate!  Really makes me wish I had a mantel! 

Some of our GTCO crafters...

The idea with this retreat is for the girls to bring their own craft projects to work on.  Everyone was really busy until people started dropping off at 12:30/1:00 a.m for bed.  Julie and Dawn made some really cool paper baskets out of newspaper and magazines.  This thing looked like a space ship when they were building it.  So cool. 

photo credit: Julie Kundhi

Heather and Whitney worked on these Amy Butler gum drop pillows.  This was Whitney's first time using a sewing machine and she totally rocked it.  I think my first sewing project was something lame like a curtain.  Amazing skills these girls just somehow pump out when they least expect!

I made Julia this cute little hooded scarf that I found on Pinterest.  Can't wait to see it on her little face!  It looks a little funny on me.  Everyone made something different and unique.  There were girls winding yarn on some crazy contraption, knitters, crocheters, hand painted wooden princess dolls, canvases, stick horses, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, curtains, photo transfers, glitter shirts, hoop art and I am sure I am forgetting plenty of others.  I wish I had a picture of everyone and their awesomeness. 

I attempted another group project this year.  Benzie gave us a little deal on some felt and we made some nice little pennants.  Though I am not sure everyone got to theirs!  Aheeem...
It was a fun project but doubtful that I will do anything like this again.  I really think that this is a retreat that girls feverishly want to work on their own projects more than anything else.  Anyway, I loved everyone's touch and seeing personality and design come through. 

It was one for the books and I can't say that I am already looking forward to next year because that would be a bold face lie!  It took a lot of planning, stress and work.  I am learning my lessons as each one comes along and the main thing I am taking away is that I need to enjoy this as much as the attendees do.  The pleasure that I get from everyone who comes voicing their appreciation of the weekend can't be measured. It is really a fun thing to do, just a little stressful!  Talk to me next October to see if I am ready to tackle another one!  I bet I will be!

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

You need to delegate...Emily (and I'm signing her up here) and I would be VERY happy to help you with the go to down decorating, swag bags, it's amazing, but I can tell *a lot* of work for one person. Please let us help you...and please...plan for early April...can't wait til' next Ocotber!! ;)
Sarah M

mom said...

A job well done bringing friends together to share a common bond.
Proud of you Daughter!!

Janelle said...

so bummed i missed it!!!