Monday, December 10, 2012

Get the Craft Out Sponsors

This year I thought I would amp it up a notch and get the girls some really cool free stuff to make their Get The Craft Out experience all the more lovely.  I had some wonderful response from companies online and local.  You should have seen me when I went to the door and picked the boxes off my porch. 
SQQQEEEAAALING with delight!

First stop was Porridge Papers, our local letterpress shop where I would love to work/just hang out everyday.  Christopher the owner is pretty much the man and totally hooked me up with the opportunity to come in and set my own design up and make my print.  It was quite the experience and I don't envy typesetters from years past.  It is a tedious process. 
So I picked my type, then all of that blank space needs filled in with spacers.  This was the most dreadful and time consuming part I thought. 

There it is on the press machine! 

All inked up and ready to roll with a fabulous shade of pink. 

 All printed up and drying. 

 In all, printing 35 posters took me 4+ hours.  It may look like it was just printed off on a printer on some nice cardstock but really, I did it and it was so much fun!  Christopher said that after the New Year they will begin some intro into letterpress classes.  Sign me up! 

Pick Your Plum was one of my first contributors.  They sent 20 blank wooden earring sets, 20 4 piece punched wooden boards that could be used to make a mini book or a super cute bunting.  They also sent some very functional kraft tags, super for Christmas tags.  Thanks Pick Your Plum!  You were truly generous. 

I stumbled on October Afternoon by asking my scrapbooking and photographer friend, Becky Novacek if she had any good contacts for me.  After a few speedy emails, this package arrived on my porch chalk full of goodies for Christmas!  There were trims and twine, stickers, pins, buttons, scrapbooking paper and the list goes on.  There is so much potential here for an awesome project, present decorations, just a good ol' scrapbook project, it is crazy!  This was by far the mother load and I about was in tears with generosity when I opened the box.  Thank you October Afternoon! 

I have long been a fan of Pink Chalk Studio.  I have no idea how I ever stumbled on them but they have a great online fabric store that has some great modern fabrics and they put out of of the only newsletters that I read on email.  You can tell when you are buying from them they are appreciative of your support in their small business. Everything that I have bought has been bundled in wonderful strips of fabric.  Kathy was very generous to put this bundle of fabric together to help us with our pennants.  Thanks Pink Chalk Studio!

Last but not least Fat Quarter Shop sent some nice little charm packs, the girls were appreciative of the coordinated and already cut project before them!  Fat Quarter Shop is another place that I have bought fabric from time to time.  They have tons of awesome patterns and fabrics available.  Very down to earth people and aim for customer service and satisfaction.  Thank you!!!  

Thank you to all who contributed to help make it just a little more wonderful of an event for the girls! 

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Linda said...

Kaitlyn, you do a great job of presenting your ideas. Your photography is really an enhancement. Love your ideas and style. As always enjoying your blog. Love you.