Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 weeks and 3.5

Hip Hooray, today marks 20 weeks into this pregnancy!  So far so good!  I have a feeling the poundage is going to sneak up on me here in the next weeks.  I have somehow managed to only gain 5 pounds which I don't think is much for being halfway there.  Baby is doing good and we have had enough ultrasounds (5) to have known the sex by now but we are not going to find out until that screaming mimi makes a break for it in late June.    I have been feeling kicks and thought I felt maybe some hiccups today.  It is the most wonderful feeling and I find myself with my hands constantly on my belly at night and when I am laying down.  Life has been uneventful and I am loving it that way.  Julia and Henry always can make everything eventful, especially Julia lately.  Man, her OUTFITS!  I don't really have much say in what she wears except for to church on Sunday mornings.  She changes clothes about 4 times a day and comes up with some serious doozies.  I love it.  When Henry was this age, it was hard for him to even keep pants on.  He loved running around in his undies. 
20 weeks!  Eeeks!  Thanks Henry for the pic!

Fashion choice #1.  This was what she came up with after gymnastics one day.


Fashion Choice #2-Henry's Super Grover pants, sunglasses and a marathon medal.  Pure awesome.

 And I leave you with her bedtime outfit last night.  Henry's pants, tucked in Mickey Mouse nightgown and Henry's shoes.  So cute she is. 
Tonight I called her "Julia Dirt Hair" and she quickly responded, "Don't EVER call me that again"
So, that is us in a wrap!  

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Sarah M said...

Oh my goodness, you look adorable, and that comment about Julia Dirt Hair made me laugh out loud. I can't get over how similar her and Ani are, I regret not getting them together on a playdate or two...they even LOOK alike. So funny.
Sarah M

lynn bowes said...

You're lookin' good, girlfriend! And I wish I was a fearless in my swimsuit as Julia . . .


Stacey said...

Man, is that girl yours or what?!

The Girardi's said...

Your kids are adorable and you look fantastic !