Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring already SPRING!

When oh when is this winter going to be over?  I swear and it is not because I am pregnant that this has been THE longest winter EVER!  I have been ready for it to be over since December.  Thank goodness for small distractions.
This fella has been building legos and playing with legos by himself lately.  You may think that he probably should have been doing this for a while now but you just don't understand him like I do.  Henry has always been a little clinger.  He loves to be in the same room as someone (most of the time me), doesn't freely go play by himself too easily without having to push him in there and lock the door.  Kidding.  He really just loves to have company and I can't blame him for that.  He was super proud of himself for putting this little set together and has ventured onto the bigger ones he got for Christmas.  He didn't need much help at all and he was so proud of himself.  Me too since I didn't have to put legos together.    

How often do your kids get baths?  Mine are lucky to get one every other day.  Lucky.  I suck at it. 

He had a basketball clinic this winter and I am so glad he did it.  Lets just say that prior to this he didn't know how to dribble a basketball, shoot or probably even catch a basketball.  We signed him up just to get familiar with a ball in hopes to get him a little coordination under his belt.  Well....After his first day at the clinic Erin and I pretty much threw him under the bus and said "man, he did horrible".  Henry however felt pretty good about himself saying that it was fun but dribbling just hurt his hand a little.  We felt like failures as parents that we hadn't been playing ball with him sooner.  I vowed that we would practice for 10 minutes every day after school just dribbling around in the kitchen.  And you know what?  He totally caught on!  He had 4 more Sundays of basketball and by the last one he was making hoops.  He loves to play in the kitchen and asks everyday if he can get a hoop for this summer.  Good boy Henry!  You are da man.

School buddies. 
 When I tell Julia to go get a pair of socks in the morning it usually results in finding the most mismatched socks in the "no matches sock bag"  She likes to put on baby socks and she also likes Henry's socks the best. I used to care, now I don't.

Borrowed Superman costume.  She has been a total tomboy as of late.  She doesn't like dresses, she only likes to wear Henry's clothes, coming home to put them on after we drop him off at school so he doesn't get mad.  She plays with his toys and just generally doesn't care about being overly girly.  She came into the kitchen carrying this baby doll the other night.  I was just a little shocked.  Either she still deep down has a girl side to her that she doesn't want me to see or she is just excited to have a new baby in the house.  Whatever the case, SHE is my favorite and just how I envisioned MY GIRL being. 

I had a little self portrait sesh with myself the other morning.  I think this was 23 weeks.  I don't feel like I had any pictures of myself being pregnant with Henry and Julia.  I find the self portrait pretty akward but I do know that it is something that is important.  I really do want to have pictures of myself to look back at, you know, to see how I have aged, how fat I was, how skinny I was, where I was in life at that time.  Some of my favorite pictures of my Grandma are just pictures of my Grandma alone.  Not studio pictures but pictures that someone captured of her and are just beautiful.  It is REALLY weird asking Erin to take a picture of me, so I guess I will just keep doing it myself.     

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Sarah M said...

aw your kids are awesome! What a cute picture of you, too--you look great! This winter has felt really fast for me, but probably because we had such a crazy last 6 weeks, so it felt sudden that it's already March 8 (WHAT?)!
I hope you get that awesome weather that's expected over the weekend!
Sarah M

Jenni said...

I am so happy Henry built legos by himself. I totally understand having a kiddo that needs constant interaction. I am just convinced my oldest, Chloe, is just an extreme extrovert. And I feel like your kids getting baths every other day is a lot! Mine are lucky if they bathe 2x a week:|. You are super cute and I always enjoy reading your blog.

themommyjob said...

Great pics & you look beautiful! Made me laugh a little too. Thanks lady! ;)