Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Problem Child

Disclaimer: Graham, I love you so very much and wouldn't trade you for anything in the world.  You are who you are and I love you for that.

Graham...He's been a cause for worry since exactly last year at this time, it was in womb but still, it was distressing.  We weathered through that and had a very good rest of the pregnancy.  Great birth experience, HEALTHY BABY, and 1 month later Graham started giving us a fit.  Colic, whatever you want to call it, stress, we were stressed.  He got kicked out of one daycare and moved onto what we thought was a much better place for him.  Well, a week ago, he more or less got booted from that daycare!

I feel bad for the little guy.  I have had no other option than to console him constantly.  Colic baby got some serious spoiling and he doesn't want anyone but his mama!  I can't help it to love on him and he loves on me.  We hired him a nanny that started today and guess what, he gave her a fit.  She is coming back and I am grateful for that!  I just think he needs some time to get used to her.  He's had a crappy experience with babysitters and just loves his mama.  Even if I think I just complain about Graham all the time...I really do love him and find joy and excitement in the things he does do good.

He is almost 8 months old for crying out loud!  I don't even feel like I have had a little baby.  I feel like I got swindled out of the cuddly baby and got a crazy screaming hyena sometimes but a very cute one at that.  He has two teeth, working on some more, has the stink face down that Julia used to make, is starting to get on his haunches to crawl pretty soon.  He sort of likes baby food, mommy's milk is the best and gets super excited when you turn his mobile on in his crib.

In our other part of the world...Henry is now a Tiger Cub in Boy Scouts.  Erin got stuck being the den leader, so they head off to meetings once a week or so.  Henry had his derby car race the other weekend and won Best In Show for his car.  I think there were 20 other cars and they picked his as best looking!  Good boy.  His wasn't the fastest but it was fun experiencing Erin and Henry working together and really building something nice and quality.  They took the time and Erin made Henry understand that you have to be patient in your steps of building to get a nice car.  Henry continues to rock it in 1st grade.  He gets really good grades and his teacher always says what a good leader and listener he is. 

Until next post where I swear that I won't complain about Graham.  Poor baby.          

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Grandma Peggy said...

Graham I Love you so much. You are a blessing and I thank God for you and your uniqueness. You are destin for greatness and your Grandma Peggy will always love you

Sarah M said...

Kaitlyn, did you try the whole MSPI thing out? I thought colic was some form of allergy or something? Man, I hope this new nanny will be what you guys need!!
Sarah M